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Myeong In Myeong Chon, Hidden Treasures with a Story

We have traveled to all parts of the country in search of the masters of Korean food, whom we call myeongin. In the process the questions “Why?” “How?” “Why here?” and “For what reason?” have been answered. Such encounters have led to the discovery of hidden treasures with stories behind them. Many of these masters have no great cause or profound philosophy.

In the beginning, they were driven by simple motives: longing for flavor of the dishes made by their mothers, or a great love of trees, or a wish to improve the quality of life for children, or helping out an ill neighbor.

These masters have long led lives of integrity and being true to oneself. Making a profit is not the reason for engaging in organic farming or environmentally friendly farming. They do not always seek large attractive fruits or grains. Their most important values are respect for life and a life in harmony with nature. In their eyes, even harmful insects and noxious weeds are living things with which to co-exist. The masters put their hearts and souls into the foods they make with ingredients from nature.

The Korean people, with a long history spanning five thousand years, have formed a culinary culture based on diverse local specialties. Some traditions have vanished while others have lived on with new variations. These culinary traditions contain valuable wisdom on life, whether they have remained intact or have changed over time. These food “treasures” are created by the harmony of heaven and land: the seasons sent by heaven, the vitality of the land, and the wisdom and care of humans. The philosophy of Myeongin Myeongchon is to preserve such treasures and share the abundance of life through the true flavor of Korean food.

The masters’ food treasures are manually produced in small work shops, using seasonal ingredients, which makes it impossible to prepare large quantities. All that we seek is help people unearth, little by little, these “hidden treasures” that represent the quintessence of Korean taste and flavor through the brand Myeongin Myeongchon.

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